Hand in Hand

My biggest fear in going home was letting Todd down. Through everything he has been beyond supportive…not just during my hospital stay but also the MONTHS leading up to it. I was worried he would think I was cured, that our life would magically return to normal and I would be that same fun-loving girl […]

Crying in separate rooms

Throughout my whole life, I’ve been told how difficult marriage is, how hard it is to hold it all together. Personally, I know more divorced people than married people. I don’t judge people for being divorced. My parents divorced when I was very young, and I believe I was a happier kid because of it. I […]

The challenge

I think it’s hard for mothers to admit how challenging being a mother can be. How stressful it can be, like if we admit this or cop to it, it makes us less of a mother in some way. At least that’s how I feel, anyway. Todd and I have a pretty solid marriage. The […]