Your Momma

I remember when my life used to be mine. When my biggest worry was getting to work on time or an argument with friends. I got up each day with the same routine – breakfast, work, lunch, home, dinner, T.V., sleep. My weekends were like most everyone’s. They consisted of a few adult beverages and […]

Guilt and therapy

Sometimes having a good day brings on a bad day. I’ve heard many women talk about “mothers guilt.” Guilt for yelling at her child. Guilt for not spending enough time with her child. Guilt for losing patience with her child. It seems guilt and motherhood go hand in hand. Imagine the guilt you feel when […]

What’s in a dream?

I’ve heard many theories on where dreams come from. I have heard that it’s a way for your loved ones who have passed away to speak to you again, almost like a port hole to the other side. I have also heard that it’s an accumulation of the many things you think about during the […]

August 9, 2014

Todd and I had a lot planned for the day ahead. Todd and many other friends and family members were participating in a golf outing that was put on by the Olivia Raine foundation. It’s a foundation that helps with the financial burden of funeral costs for infants. They paid for almost all of Nash’s […]

Going home

We decided in the hospital parking lot to head to my in-laws’ house. It’s always been where everyone gathers for holidays, birthday parties, or just to hang out. I thought it was a great idea. I didn’t want to face our home yet and see all of Nash’s toys. When we got there, my friends Shawn […]