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  1. As I wipe these tears away enough to start typing a comment, I think to myself: “get it together, these tears are nothing in comparison to what this couple has experienced and will continue to experience”.
    I’m thrilled I had the chance to to talk with you a bit Friday night. It was never my intention to bring your blog up during the reception, but girl – I’m just so taken away by it! (Wish I would have kept up on the reading, then maybe I wouldn’t have tried forcing you to get a drink the day before the wedding!) I shared with you how it must not only be therapeutic to you, but also to those who have lost a child. I’m looking at it from a different perspective… It’s so easy to get bogged down by life’s everyday stressors (work, family, money, etc.) and have a pity party for myself at times.
    I am now reading these blogs and giving my husband a special touch or scooping up my 2 kiddos and loving them more than yesterday. Forgetting about that stack of bills, the so-called ‘bad day’ I had yesterday, angry cause one of those kiddos didn’t do the chore I asked them to do 5 times! None of that matters — these blogs keep reminding me of that!
    So, although I don’t know the pain you two are experiencing – my heart still hurts for the tragedy you experienced. Please know how inspirational these messages are to others (in whatever way it may be) and KEEP ON BLOGGING! It was a pleasure sharing a couple days with you. Prayers to you, your husband, your son, and your rainbow baby on the way.


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