Our bonding moment

Most mothers have told me that you have an instant connection to your baby the moment it takes his or her first breath. I can relate to that, I felt that way with Nash. The moment Crue took his first breath, the most overwhelming feeling I had was relief. Ten fingers, ten toes, one good set of pipes and an overall healthy baby boy. During the weeks that followed, I would say I grew closer to Crue. It’s hard to explain how you feel about a rainbow baby, at least in my case. Everything is so bittersweet and filled with worry and anxiety. Every happy moment or thought is followed by a sad one. It’s hard to be going through emotions that are on two complete opposite ends of the spectrum. That being joy, and grief. I would look at his chubby cheeks and big smile and think, “How long do I get with him before he is taken from us?” I almost felt like I had a wall up. Not only was the guilt of loving another baby holding me back, but also the fear of loving someone again with that same intensity and knowing I may lose him. Sometimes my mind would question things I never questioned with Nash. Do I love him? Is it the same? Is it what most people tell me, that the love is just as strong but different with each child? I didn’t know. I just knew I would love and protect him the best the new me could.

One day changed everything, one day made me positively sure I loved Crue with as much love as I loved his brother. Crue was four weeks old and sick for the very first time. A simple cold to most, but the plague that could kill my baby to me. His congestion, chocking on his phlem, watery red eyes staring miserably up at me. All I wanted to do was to hold him every second and make him as comfortable as I possibly could. I did not sleep. I stayed up staring at his chest rising and falling. Then, three days into his cold at 3:00 am, he started choking and having a hard time catching his breath. I was in a panic as I sat him up quickly so he could clear his throat. When he finally did, I was a mess. I woke Todd up screaming in anger that I didn’t have a suction around anywhere. What mother doesn’t have one?!?! I started getting dressed and continued to yell. What if he wouldn’t have been right next to me? What if I wouldn’t have heard him? I needed to get to the store immediately and buy one. Then Todd did what any man would do wrong in this situation, he spoke. He said, “Why don’t you calm down. He is okay.” I shot a glare his way that I hoped would silence him forever. It was 5:00 am and I knew Walmart would be open. I said to Todd, “Stay up with him while I run to the store.”

I ran to my car like an Olympic sprinter so I could get this life saving tool immediately! I was nervous to leave Todd with him for two reasons; first, he does not consider everything a life and death situation like I do and second, he was barely awake when I left. Todd has always made it very clear he does not wake up to Crues cries. I walked into Walmart and grabbed the little bulb suction thing. I remembered when Nash was alive, my sister in law Caroline telling me about the nose Frieda. She said it was a must have and so much better than the ball thing. However, Walmart didn’t have one. I knew Target would, so I ran back to my car. As I pulled into Target, I saw that they wouldn’t open for another hour. So I decided to sit and wait. Crazy I know, but I wasn’t leaving town without it! I called Todd to check on Crue, no answer. I figured he was unable to reach his phone while holding the baby. A minute later I tried again…still no answer. I tried again, no answer. I started to panic. When I left for the store, Todd was in the rocker feeding Crue. I pictured Todd sleeping and Crue falling between the arm of the chair and Todd’s body. I called again, nothing.

I sped out of the parking lot and headed towards home. It felt like the ride to the hospital the day Nash died. I was having a full on panic attack. If Todd had fallen asleep, how long could Crue go if he was smothered in the chair? It took eight minutes to get home and in those eight minutes I called 22 times with no answer. I was screaming out loud, “Hold on baby, Momma is coming!” I knew something was wrong. If Todd was up, there was no way he would not answer my calls. As I ran to the door, Todd was there to greet me, phone in hand. He said apologetically, “I just saw that you called. I left my phone upstairs.” He sat down with Crue in the recliner nonchalantly, and I just stared at him unable to speak.. He apologized, and I could tell he felt terrible. He then asked where the suction was. I told him that I didn’t get it. He looked at me confused. I just glared back at him, unable to explain what I had just been through. I snatched Crue from his arms and took him upstairs. I sat down in the rocker in our room.

As I sat there looking at Crue sleeping, I burst into tears. The thought of something happening to him killed me. I was so upset I could barely catch my breath. I held him as tight as I could, rocking him back-and-forth and kissing his head. In that moment something, changed in me. I was almost surprised by how horrible I felt.  I realized then how much he meant to me. Crue was my whole world. No matter how disconnected I think I am, how guilty I feel, how many walls I build to protect my heart, I have a BIG love for him. As much as that moment scared me to death, I needed it.  I needed it to know how much I love him. Most mothers don’t need that. Their child is born, they love them, end of story. My child was born, I loved him, he died. I’m waiting for my world to come crashing down again. I look at Crue every day wondering how long I have with him. 


2 thoughts on “Our bonding moment

  1. Wow. I’ve never had a child pass away, but I can relate to your situation in a way. I only felt relieved when my daughter was born… no overwhelming love and I thought I was crazy. I can’t imagine what you go through everyday, but I spent a few hours reading through your blog and crying with you. For the first few months of my daughter’s life I was scared to death of going to sleep at night, thinking that she would be taken away from me, because I was definitely not worthy of a gift as perfect as her, and she was my first baby so I cannot imagine how hard it is for you after losing your son. I just really wanted to comment to let you know that you’re not crazy, being a mom is HARD, and going through a loss on top makes it even harder I’m sure. You will be in my prayers.


  2. this really hit home with me !! being a mother who lost her child to sids and knowing she died in her sleep and she was perfectly healthy has mental messed me up now I have cheyleigh my 2nd born I didn’t sleep pretty much for the 1st six months I had her on a heart machine I cried very often praying to god he would not take her too , I still catch myself waking up a lot in the middle of the night checking on her and she is 2 1/2 she sleeps in my room on her own toddler bed but I catch myself pulling her into bed with me when I cant put my mind at ease, I panic at the littlest bump scrape and bruise when she coughs I freak , I am so paranoid I could loose her that sometimes it takes over my life, I never thought I wanted more kids after losing my ahleigha she was my everything my reason for living but to my surprise cheyleigh was my saving grace she brough so much joy to my life she showed me that I can love again that being a mom is the best feeling in the world , yes I am a very paranoid mom but I do see me improving daily , my hardest struggle is her father I just don’t get how he is not as worried as me and how he don’t wake up to the cries it makes me panic more to were I feel I cant ever leave her with him for long periods of time or over night , I am slowly growing , and know that I know I have a 3rd baby on the way I am trying to be “calm” but the fears are still there in the back of my head and I am praying for a healthy baby and a healthy mom ūüėČ not to over worried and in a panic I am just taking it day by day and praying for the strength to be strong and to actually sleep , thank you for letting me know that I am not alone and I will be reading this to my fianc√© bc I notice I take a lot out on him and am not as trusting as I should be with him watching our daughter as I should be he is a wonderful father its me who just worried beyond my control ‚̧
    thank you for your blogs ‚̧


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