Nash’s Stash

When we were in the process of planning Nash’s first birthday party (The Nash Bash), we were confronted with questions we weren’t quite ready to answer. One being whether or not we were a 501c3, or in other words a non-profit organization. When you ask businesses for donations, mainly large or corporate businesses, they want […]

Guilt and therapy

Sometimes having a good day brings on a bad day. I’ve heard many women talk about “mothers guilt.” Guilt for yelling at her child. Guilt for not spending enough time with her child. Guilt for losing patience with her child. It seems guilt and motherhood go hand in hand. Imagine the guilt you feel when […]

Our love story

Todd’s family has a hunting cabin in my hometown. He and his family would come up north hunting and stop in at Sportsman’s, the local bar in Twining, where my friend Jessie was a bartender. Todd’s family became not only her customers but her friends. I met Todd for the first time when she had […]

Making room for baby

When I was pregnant with Nash, I was beyond excited, to say the least. I got on Pinterest right away and started pinning ideas for his nursery. It killed me that Todd was in no rush. I wanted it done when I was two months pregnant, and his thoughts were that we had eight months before […]

Celebrating my life

I think when tragedy strikes, your mind has a way of protecting you from going over the edge. There are days where I cannot believe I am putting one foot in front of the other. How am I going to work? How am I eating? How am I even having conversations with people? If you […]