I grew up in the small town of Omer, Michigan, the smallest city in the state and that’s not a lie; there is an actual sign as you come through town to prove it. To give you an idea of just how small it is, there were 26 people in my graduating class. It’s so […]

Things he left behind

It’s been five months since Nash passed……………five months…………he has officially been gone as long as he was here. I don’t know what I expected to feel five months out. Maybe better, maybe I thought things would be easier, maybe I thought I would have moved forward in some way. All I know is what I […]

For my husband

When I first started writing about Nash and his life, my only intention was to find some sort of outlet for all that I was feeling. I needed a safe place to put all my dark, scary, confusing, and sometimes happy feelings. I felt like I had so much to say and didn’t know how […]

First born

There is something to be said for losing your first born child. I’m not saying it’s better or worse than losing your second or third, it’s just a very different experience. You spend your whole life dreaming of being a family. How many children you will have, what they will look like, what kind of parent […]

Living with Cancer

Many people have told me that they can’t imagine how I am feeling. Some say they would never want to know and others, surprisingly, have asked me to try and explain how I feel. No matter how hard I try, I always come up short of describing what it’s like. How do you explain something […]