Raising a daughter

When I explained my wish to have a boy after losing Nash, many people started giving me advice. They told me about their close relationships with their daughters. How having a daughter is like having a mini me or a best friend to take shopping. They talked about their close relationship with their mothers. I […]

Winning after losing

What I’m about to share is probably the most personal thing I have shared to date. Some people are going to be shocked that I think this is more personal than other things I’ve shared, but to me, it is. It’s not easy to admit fears I have about the baby I’m currently expecting to […]

What helps

In most of my blogs, I talk about what not to do, what’s hard on me. I’ve got people walking on eggshells and that’s the last thing I want. I’m writing this to let people know what does help. What I find comforting. Keep in mind that not all people grieve the same way, so […]

October 9, 2014

I get more texts and calls on the ninth of every month than any other day. Especially from family. I see their texts and Facebook posts as the day approaches and how sad they are getting. This is a difficult day for them. I think they expect it to be a hard day for us, […]


Many people have sent me books about grief since I lost Nash. A note is usually included with the book, explaining how it truly helped the person sending it through the grief process. This is where I’m different. First of all, please do not take offense to this. I have seriously gotten over fifty books […]