Bringing Nash home

I found out late one night that Nash’s ashes were ready. I was so upset that I couldn’t get them until morning. The thought of him on some shelf in a funeral home broke my heart. I was also beyond upset knowing his physical body no longer existed. I got in the shower and sat […]

Media attention

As I was looking at the posts, I saw that my friend Kasey said, “Let’s do this the 9th of every month!” I knew that it would help me so much on those milestone days. I also knew though that people would tire of it and probably not keep doing things. I would face that […]

Have a “Nash” day

Becca had invited me to lunch July 8th. The day before what would have been Nash’s 6 month birthday. She said are you doing anything special for tomorrow. I thought about it for a minute. I had heard from other people who had lost their babies that these milestone days were the hardest for them. […]