Media attention

As I was looking at the posts, I saw that my friend Kasey said, “Let’s do this the 9th of every month!” I knew that it would help me so much on those milestone days. I also knew though that people would tire of it and probably not keep doing things. I would face that when it happened, but for right now, on this day, it helped. I got through his first big milestone without him. I know I could not have done that without all of the amazing support we got from so many people. They had no idea what they were doing for my soul. They were renewing my faith in God. At the same time, they were also honoring my son, keeping his memory alive.

I got a call from Dominic, a reporter from the Flint journal, and from David of Channel 5 news. They wanted to interview me. I was in shock. These people thought our story was worth telling. They wanted to help spread the word about Nash and what his short life had created. I was so excited to tell Todd. In my eyes this was a way for even more people to know about Nash. I called him at work told him to hurry home because we are going to have visitors. There I was in this mad dash, looking for something to wear for the news. We only had 30 minutes before Channel 5 news arrived and I was still in my pj’s. We hadn’t done laundry, cleaned our house, nothing. We had been like zombies sitting on our couch staring at a TV we hadn’t even turned on. Our minds were so caught up in our own thoughts and nightmares…who needed TV? Todd pulled in, got out of his truck and started mowing the lawn. I yelled out to him, “What the hell are you doing?” Only my husband would be concerned about how the lawn looked at a time like this. He made it very clear that he was not going on TV and he did not want these people to think we didn’t take care of our lawn. I had to laugh.

My friend Misty had contacted me as well. She wanted to know if I minded if she started a Facebook page for Nash so people could post their good deeds on his page. She would call it “When Nash Smiled.” Of course I said yes. I still couldn’t believe all the support that we were getting…how many people wanted to help. Before I knew it, there were over 3000 likes for the page. Tons of people were posting what they had done for my son on his 6 month birthday. I still look at that page when I can’t get out of bed and I smile. Todd will call and say, “Did you see the new post today? Someone adopted a penguin in Nash’s name,” or “someone just donated their hair to kids with cancer”. It was inspiring!

You have to understand…I truly feel that Nash was extra special. He was so adorable, so happy, his smile was infectious. He was my world. So when I see people doing these things in honor of him, it warms my heart. Like they get it, they realize he was special too. It seems only fitting that he continues to make others smile even after he’s gone. Todd googled Nash Gregory Schupbach a week after he died. All that came up was his obituary. It made us both sad. That’s all that there was. Todd googles his name now and the article from the Flint Journal comes up, and the tv news story. Every kid remembers that one time they made the paper or that one time they were on TV, even if it was a small article or story on the news about a parade and you could only kind of see them in the crowd. It’s a huge thing for a child and one of the many things I knew Nash would never get to do. Now, here was my baby on the news and front page of the Sunday paper!20140802-154346-56626521.jpg



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