Have a “Nash” day

Becca had invited me to lunch July 8th. The day before what would have been Nash’s 6 month birthday. She said are you doing anything special for tomorrow. I thought about it for a minute. I had heard from other people who had lost their babies that these milestone days were the hardest for them. I looked at Becca and said “I’ll probably just stay in bed all day and cry.” She said ok that’s fine……I don’t know if you would want to do this but Caroline had kind of a neat idea to do random acts of kindness to make people smile like Nash made people smile…I loved the idea!! I hated that this little person who brought so much joy to my life. Who filled me with more love than I could have ever imagined was now the reason I felt this thick, heart crushing sadness that followed me around everywhere. I thought this would be a way to remember him and smile. Smile the way I use to when he looked at me. Make people smile the way he use to when they would look at him. I couldn’t wait to get up and go to McDonalds and pay for the person behind me in the drive thru. The next morning however I found myself unable to get out of bed. I laid there clinging to his blanket feeling sorry for myself. Wishing I could put on his six month sticker and make him smile like all the previous months before, post it on Facebook and wait for all the responses that always followed. I looked across the room and saw the extra stickers on my dresser, stickers that abruptly stop after five months. I started to cry. I picked up my phone to look at Facebook. The one thing I could do without getting out of bed. Caroline and Becca had posted asking people to join in and pay it forward for Nash. Them I saw that Todd’s cousin Kelly had printed a picture of Nash off my Facebook page and put my blog site on the bottom. Above his picture said…Have a ” Nash” day. She put it on the windshield of a car at a pediatric office that had two car seats in it. She also left money and a note telling them to go do something fun in honor of Nash. My tears now turned from sadness to this absolute aww. This woman who had never even met Nash was paying it forward in his name and I was laying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I jumped out of bed, got in the shower, called Becca and off we went to honor my son. Kelly had set the bar high. She had never even met Nash and did this. As his mother I knew I had to do more. People started contacting me about making tickets or cards that had his picture and my blog site On them. They saw Kelly’s and ran with it. Becca and I printed off some and then headed to the store. We bought bouquets of flowers, bubbles, and got cash from the ATM. We were on a mission. We would randomly stop when we saw someone walking down the street and give them a card with Nash’s pic and twenty dollars. I would scream ” there’s somebody!” Becca’s tires would screech to a halt as she slammed on the brakes, we would run out of the car laughing. One lady looked at me as I handed her the money and said “is this a joke” Becca came running out of the bushes like the paparazzi with her camera screaming ” can I get a picture” the lady looked startled and stepped back. She probably thought Becca was a crazy person. I have thought the same thing many times. The lady than said “oh this is a joke, I’m on one of those shows or something” Becca laughed and said no we want to do a scarp book with all we did in my nephews honor. The lady smiled pulled me into her tight, looked at Becca and said ok “I’m sucking it in make sure you get my good side” after she turned and looked at me with tears in her eyes and said I’m praying for you honey…..we stopped at stoplights and gave people flowers with the card that had Nash’s picture. Gave a man playing tennis with his grandchildren money to take them out for ice cream. We stopped at the police department and dropped off cookies. Gave bubbles to kids at the park. We were having so much fun. Driving around laughing. The best thing about that day were the reactions of the recipients of our acts. They looked at me and teared up immediately. I had just lost my son and was out doing something sweet for them. You could see the shock in there eyes. They then looked at his smiling face on the cards and said “god bless you, I’ll pray for your family, what a beautiful baby boy. And I will continue to pay it forward!” I got home and got on Facebook. Hundreds of people posting the things they had done that day. Huge tips at dinners, lotto tickets given to strangers, gas cards taped to the pump for the next person, all with my little Nash’s pic and the phrase…..Have a “Nash” day! I always knew I had great friends and family but this was unreal, a lot of these acts were even done by complete strangers that were just touched by our story. As I scrolled down and read all the posts I laughed out loud, smiled and cried happy tears for hours. I looked up at the sky and said…happy six month baby, momma and daddy love you!” Just like my blog I had no idea this was the start of a movement. What my friend Kasey would later call….the start of the Nash nation!!20140801-181152-65512446.jpg





3 thoughts on “Have a “Nash” day

  1. Bless you so much! I read all your blogs and say prayers for you and your family. Thank you for inspiring others. My children and family are going to have a Nash day and we are excited! We want people to feel that love and know that an angel is spreading love to the World. I have had loss with preganancies and one late term that I lost a baby boy. I wrote myself a letter and as painful as it was it was therapeutic the day after I delivered him. I read it occasionally and think about the blessings I have around me. You are so very, very brave and know that even complete strangers are sending their love 🙂


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