Our struggle

To know my story, you have to know my past. I come from a large blended family with numerous brothers and sisters. I am an aunt to so many I have to stop and count. When I was sixteen, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I didn’t quite grasp then how much this would affect my future. Around the age of 25, I started realizing I may never be a mother. Would someone marry me? Could someone accept that to love me means to only love me? We may never have a family of our own.

Luckily, I found the perfect man. Todd comes from a large and insanely close family. In my opinion he was born to be a family man….born to be a dad. I was always upfront with him and he never wavered. He loved me! He wanted to marry me, regardless! We started trying soon after we got married. We dealt with all the things couples with infertility deal with…the constant questions. “When are you going to have a baby?”, “Try this”, “Try that” and “This is what worked for my friend”. Two years later, still nothing. We had started settling into life as a childless couple and then like magic…a positive pregnancy test!



2 thoughts on “Our struggle

  1. You don’t know me, but we have a mutual friend who has shared your story. From one mom with a boy born in 2013, to another mom of a boy, I just want you to know you are in my heart. I pray for you and your family and I think about your sweet angel, Nash. I pray God moves mountains to make you feel peace and to help you know you’ll be with your son again. I pray you are surrounded by love and that people who knew Nash won’t ever stop talking about him with you. I wish there was something I could do to help you and to ease your burden. All I can tell you is that I will enjoy my boy today. I won’t worry about things that don’t matter. And I will keep thinking of Nash. Xoxoxo


  2. Hello. I don’t know you personally but read your whole blog after a link from a friend of yours was shared on Facebook. I can’t stop thinking about your gorgeous son and your wonderful message for the future. I believe your words will change lives and help heal strangers. Thank you for sharing. Your son and his legacy is indeed special. With tears and love, Melanie


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