Carrying Nash

My pregnancy was wonderful…no morning sickness, no pregnancy acne. Other than a huge belly, my pregnancy weight gain was minimal. Everyone who knew us and our story was over the moon for us. This baby was long awaited.

We are both incredibly close to our nieces and nephews. After all, they were at one time the closest thing we would ever have to our own children. They were so excited to have a new cousin…to see us as parents. Not so excited, however, for the possibility that they may take a back seat. My nephew David was very quiet when I told him about our pregnancy. He looked at me and said, “Can we still stay on the weekends?”, and  “Will you still take us to Tigers games?” It was adorable. It was then I knew we had done a great job as an aunt and uncle; after all, they still wanted to be seen with us in public!

We were doing everything other couples did. We read What To Expect When Your Expecting. We talked about our baby’s future and who he/she would be, what kind of parents we would be, how we would raise him/her, and picked names. We did not want to know what we were having. We had fun driving our families crazy. Everyone had their guess. If it was a boy, he would be the first grandson on my husband’s side and the only chance to carry on the family name, being he had two sisters and no brothers. Among all my husband’s cousins, he would be the only chance to carry on the Schupbach name. We didn’t care. We were just so happy either way. My twenty-second week pregnant was going like every week before until one morning I noticed a lot of fluid….did my water break? Is this one of those gross pregnancy side effects people don’t talk about? I called my sister-in-law Becca. She took me to the hospital and good thing! I tested positive for leaking amniotic fluid. My husband was still at work waiting for the call as to whether he should come to the hospital. The doctor started discussing mortality rates if the baby was born now. It wasn’t good. I started to cry and I heard my very strong sister-in-law crying and calling my husband to come now. I knew then it was bad. The doctor looked at me and said if you believe in God, now is the time to pray, and that’s just what I did. They put a band around my belly to monitor the baby. He would kick so hard they would have to readjust the band. Every time we would hear the loud noise of him kicking, my family and the doctors would laugh. The doctors would say, “The baby is strong, that’s a good sign.” They kept us overnight and tested again in the morning. The doctor was happy to tell me it must have been a small leak that patched itself. It’s rare, but it does happen. I was convinced that my friends and families’ prayers worked. From then on, every week in our pregnancy was precious and not taken for granted. You will never believe this, but after all that, I found myself four days over due and my doctor was talking about induction. I always loved that the baby was due so close to my dad’s birthday. We were incredibly close and he died of cancer when I was 24. His birthday was January 9th; my due date was the 4th. My husbands grandmother, whom he was incredibly close to, had passed away years before on the 9th. When the doctor said that we needed to set a date for induction, I knew what date to pick! It was meant to be.



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